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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  February 23, 2014 8:30am-9:01am PST

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from cbs news in washington, "face the nation" with bob schieffer. >> schieffer: today on "face the nation." a coup in ukraine and the nation's governors descend on washington. we'll get the latest from kiev and the main opposition liter has been set three. the take of senator john mccain on how this is affecting u.s. and russian relations. and as the nion's governors gather for their annual conference, we'll talk to two, louisiana republican bobby jendl and maryland democrat about the future of their parties. we'll have analysis from a super power political panel of the "washington post." jonathan martin of the "new york times." amy walter of the political report and our own john dickerson. we'll bring in "time" international editor and cbs
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news state department correspondent margaret breman for analysis on syria and ukraine. 60 years of news because this is "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs good morning again it is fairly quiet on the streets of ukraine this morning, but the situation is far from settled. for latest we're going to cbs news correspondent holly williams. >> good morning, there has been a week of bloodshed here in kiev we've seen deadly clashes between anti-government protesters and riot police which led scores of people dead. yesterday the demonstrators woke up to discover that they were suddenly in control of ukraine's capital. the riot police had simply melted away interior ministry says it was now on the side of the protesters.
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ukraine's presidentian has fled the city now in eastern ukraine there. is a biggy graphic divide in the east, they tend to favor close ties with russia but here in the west the protesters i yanukovych is corrupt. during these three months of demonstrations, russia has traded insults with the eu and u.s., they accuse each other of interfering in u crane's politics. the parliament voted to -- then there were extraordinary things as protesters took over the lex our just presidential residents. the demonstrators do seem to have a very -- problem for them is that yanukocjch refuses to go. he says there has been a coup he would still president he compared protesters to nazis. with ukraine security forces now apparently on the side of the
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demonstrators, it seems just matter of time until yanukovych will acknowledge that he has been de. >> schieffer: who is running things right now, or is anyone? >> it's a very good question. the parliament voted yesterday to elect -- if you talk to some of the protesters in the square they will tell that you they are in charge. and yanukovych thinks he is the president. he has to admit enthat he has been beaten. the protesters will probably stay out on the square until the elections that are scheduled for may. >> schieffer: all right. holly williams, thank you so much. and joining us now from his home state of arizona, republican senator john mccain. last time you talked to us you were actually in kiev.
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addressed the crowds in kiev. so, i understand you have talked to the former prime minister and some of the other officials, what are they telling you? >> i've talked to them including yulia tymoshenka and mr. dysunic they are of course over void, but there's sobering reality here that they recognize. remember in 2004 i was there when they had their first opportunity and obviously it didn't succeed. they're aware of that. their economic situation is so dire that literally the economy is on the verge of collapse. they're going to need help immediately. second issue i think that is not clear is what does vladimir putin do. the eastern part of ukraine is especially with older people more pro-russian.
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putin's major naval installation is there and what does putin do here. i think the message has to be sent to him, let the ukrainian people determine their own future. and a partition of ukraine is totally unacceptable we need to act immediately to give them the economic assistance that they need based on reform so they're going to have to be required as well. tough sledding. >> schieffer: so we give them economic assistance, is there anything else that the united states can do? >> i think to speak out, make the message clear to vladimir putin that partition the country would not be acceptable. the ukrainian people will determine their own future. they want to be western. that's what this whole now hundreds of thousands in the
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square was all about. they don't want to be eastern. by the way, if i were vladimir putin today at the end of the olympics i'd be a little nervoun have watched this transpire and they are tired of the crony capitalism that governs russia today. if i were him i'd be a little bit nervous. >> schieffer: i want to ask you about something else, senator mccain, susan rice, the national security advisor hasn't been on sunday tv much since that sunday when she told us that the violence in bin gazi grew out of spontaneous menstruation, that violence took the lives of four people. americans. you came on after of susan rice and suggested shy really didn't know what she was talking about. to put it bluntly. well this morning she was on "meet the press" sheer is what she said. >> that information turned out in some respects not to be a
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hundred percent correct. but the notion that somehow i or anybody else in the administration misled the american people is patently false, i think that's been amply demonstrated. >> schieffer: do you have any reaction this time, senator? >> i'm almost speechless because it's patently obvious first of all that susan rice had no reason to be on the program. she had no involvement in it. second of all, she had talking points that we're now beginning to believe came from the white house which were absolutely fails. we úg- that the cia station chief on the ground sent a message immediately saying not spontaneous demonstration. and of course, the information was totally misleading, totally false and for susan rice to say such a thing, i think -- it's a little embarrassing to tell you
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the truth. >> schieffer: senator i want to ask you about something you said, you said that president obama, i believe these are your words, the most naive president in history. did you mean that literally or how did you mean that? >> i meant it in my time in public life, when you look at the so-called geneva farce that was just a terrible joke where we expected for -- to arrange for his own transition from power, when he was winning on the ground was ludicrous. we now find that it was as far as iranian nuclear situation, they're not going to dismental a single centrifuge. the palestinian-israeli peace talks are obviously going no where. and american influences on the wing throughout the world. best example is yesterday the day before the president said that this had nothing to do with
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a cold war. the issue, the situation in ukraine. in the eyes of vat mere putin it does. he wants to restore the russian empire. he said the worst thing to happen in the 20th century was the fall of the soviet union. and he continues to want to push that reset button and not realize what kind of people we are dealing with. and finally the best example i can tell you my friend is that we lost 96 young americans in the second battle of fallujah, soldiers and marines, 600 wounded. we now have black flags offal kite da fly over the city of fallujah. >> schieffer: all right. senator, it's always good to have you with us, thank you so much for joining us. we're going to turn to the home front, the nation's governors have descended on washington this week, we're pleased to welcome two of them. louisiana governor bobby jendl and governor who didn't have to travel quite as far as the rest of them, maryland democrat martin o'malley.
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governor jendle i want to get right to it, right after the 2012 elections you said, i'll just play what you said. >> we've got to stop being the stupid party. new republican party that talks like adults. time for us to articulate our plans and visions for america in real terms. >> schieffer: you said, we've got to stop being the stupid party. how is that going? >> that's exactly -- that was rnc audience there was nervous laughter when i said that. i've got op ed as party we can't just be the party of no. we've got good solutions. we're going to be meeting with the president, i want to share with him that this administration has a chance to be laser focused on job creation. we're not doing that. this president feels like he can act union rat lally with the pen and phone he can make decisions without congress, i don't agree with that, if he's go to make those decisions, let's increase
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domestic production of energy creating hundreds of thousands of good jobs. obamacare is such a job killer in our economy, we're at 36 year low in terms of labor force participation rate. why not approve the keystone pipeline today. in five years of study, tens of thousands of jobs obama administration's own folks have said, no, this is not going to do damage to the environment if we approve it versus rejecting it there are specific things the president can do to create jobs. republican party needs to be all about growth, opportunity, creating good paying private sector jobs much we're now in the middle of one of the weakest recoveries since word war ii. my party needs to do that, we have real solutions on education, be for school choice, tenure reform, democratic party stopping teacher unions, give every child chance to get a great education. >> schieffer: what about i am breaks? >> i've said people want to come in to this country, work hard,
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get an education that's good for them and us there's nothing wrong with republicans in congress saying let's secure the boarder first. if this president was serious about moving forward with comprehensive approach he'dãq start by securing the boarder. don't need a thousand page bill. it's no the complicated. we have low walls and narrow gate. that is opposite what we need. we need a high walls and wide gate. so that more people can come in to this country legally. >> schieffer: let me ask you this, after -- since you said we have to stop being the stupid party, the government was shut down. people blamed the republicans for doing that. we have had republicans undercutting their own leadership in both the house and the senate. do you think there is some sort of disconnect between people, republicans outside washington and republicans at the national level those those in washington? >> absolutely. i think there is disconnect between american people outside of washington and the folks in dc, republican or democrat. >> schieffer: talk about your side. >> if you want to see real
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conservative principles you see it at the state level. you see governors, for example, in florida, ohio, south carolina, michigan, state after state with republican governors uncomplete rate going down, private sector jobs being created. republican governors taking on public pension reform to tackle long term debt. embracing school choice and tenure reform. see republican governors cutting taxes, creating good jobs, balancing our budgets, doing fiscally responsible things. if you want to see conservative principles being applied you see them outside of washington, d.c. washington, d.c. is the one recession-proof economies the last several years unfortunately you do see type of crony capitalism in our national capital. obama administration continues to give favors, breaks to favored industries and companies, out in the real world, you see republican governors balancing their budgets and growing their economies. >> schieffer: what do you think of ted cruz and impact he's had on your party? >> i think he's passionate. i'm not one that wants to engage, woe don't need to beat each other up.
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there are tea party and other conservatives active. think what he's trying to bring to the attention of the president and leadership of congress. our debt was $9 trillion when the president took over. he criticized president bush now debt is over $17 trillion. not projected to be balanced at any point over the next ten years. our children and grandchildren have to pay that get back at the state level. in maryland and louisiana and other states we have balanced budget requirements in our constitution. you can't raise taxes without a super majority. i think it's right that folks in dc need to stand up and say, we can't just keep spending more money than we're taking in. >> schieffer: are you going to run for president? are you going to explore it? >> honest answer is, i don't know. we have 36 governors' races, we have to control the senate, the house. i've started organization focused on winning those war of ideas called america next, we're developing detailed policy ideas. not a pac, not one paid policies, detailed policy ideas on how do you replace obamacare, what is energy plan for the
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country. what is education plan so every child gets a great education. >> schieffer: it's a pleasure to have you here today. good luck while you're here i'll be interested to see what you do say to the president to how that comes out. >> thank you, bob. >> schieffer: let's go to the other side of the table, maryland governor martin o'malley. let me start where he left off. are you thinking about running for the democratic nomination for president? >> i'm looking at that. but the most immediate responsibility i have is to govern maryland well. and through difficult times we've made our public schools the number one in the country and have achieved the best level of job creation of any state in the mid add ran particular. that's really what it's about. whenever state succeeds then america succeeds. and democratic governors believe in doing the right thing, the things that work to strengthen our middle class so that we can grow our economy. >> schieffer: one of the things that does not appear to run or had hard time even getting off the floor getting started, was the president's health care plan.
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there's no other way to look at it. this roll out was a disaster. where are are you on that and how much do you think that's going to hurt democrats? >> well, as a state we were looking to sign up 260,000 people. right now we're about 200,000 that have signed up. the kick off of the websites was certainly rocky,. >> schieffer: it was more than rocky. >> absolutely. but the main goal here, bob, i'm sure with any new program whether you go back to the start of social security or medicare or medicaid, there are always problems. but the goal is to cover more people so that we can improve the wellness of our people and not have the constantly escalating costs of health care. >> schieffer: where do you think it is right now? >> health care reform is? >> schieffer: this whole plan, is this going to work. >> it's going much better. it will continue to improve. look, the main goal here and larger battle is to bring down the costs of health care which is keeping us from being a more productive job generating country.
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you can't put dollars in to job creation if every year you're cutting checks, small businesses, medium business, large. both 17, 15, 18 percent increase in your health care. so that's the goal. we'll achieve that goal by working together and making this work. >> schieffer: do you think that democrats, very many democrats will ask the president to come and campaign for them now? i hear a lot of them don't want him in their states now because this thing is so unpopular. i'm not saying it's good or bad, i'm not saying we need -- i'm just saying it is very unpopular among a lot of people across the country. >> i think the perceptions of the affordable care act will greatly change once the enrollment period comes to close by the end of march. you'll see most states hitting their goals, see our country having extended health care with more people. all of those that have been scared and frightened that somehow something is going to happen to their health care will realize that those scare tactics
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were not true, they were falsehoods. >> schieffer: you said something that got a lot of people's attention not so long ago by chris christie, you said he's great entertainment sam you've if he decides to run for president but you didn't think he had very good record besides that. that was before this business came up. do you think he's still a viable candidate for the republicans? >> i don't know. i will leave the republican choice to the republicans. i can tell you this, in our state we believe in doing things in maryland that work to create jobs and strengthen our middle class. to build up our schools, to empower our teachers not to vilify them or bully them. my differences with chris christie or policy choices, in terms much the current, excuse me, justice department probe and other investigations i'll leave that to the people of new jersey and justice department to figure out. >> schieffer: talk a little bit about what is going on in washington now.
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governor jindal all said there is a disconnect between washington and the rest of the country, do you see that? >> i think the greatest disconnect is really between the idiologs have taken over the once proud party of abraham lincoln and made it impossible for our congress are that the vast majority of us, republicans and democrats, agree make sense like pay the country's bills. in pass comprehensive immigration reform, do the nonsense things. shutting our country down does not help job growth. selling america short does not help us build a better future for our kids. and these are the things that the tea party republicans have brought to our congress and made it very difficult for mr. boehner and other republicans even to enact the sort of reasonable compromise that all of us took for granted in years past. >> schieffer: you know, governor, you have those on the
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left who would take the party as far as that way as some of the tea party folks want to take the republican party on the right. when the president comes out and says he's not going to touch entitlement reform that's like waving a red flag in front of a bull to the republicans. have we given up on trying to get anything done, compromising on anything? >> no, i think there are good things that we can still do. recently they were able to enact at least a budget deal for the next year. they were able to pass a farm bill. but the fact of the matter is that president obama has reduced average annual spending increases to smallest levels since 2008 eisenhower. the problem is not that somehow seniors are getting too many -- by this ideological commitment to greater tax cuts for the very
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of americans that's hurt can our country, our ability to make progress. it's hurting middle class wages. that's why so many democratic governors are pushing for increase in minimum wage. yet you see many republican idealogs saying we can't do that, if a person is actually able to lift their family through their hard work out of poverty with better minimum wage, that that's somehow is an affront to their trickle-down ideology and the fact is pros spart has grown from the middle out and middle up. >> schieffer: let me go back to what we started with that is the coming of presidential campaign in 2016. if hillary clinton is -- if she runs would you still run? >> i think the most important question for any of us who feel that we have something to offer for our country's future is to offer those ideas and to put those ideas out there and most importantly to ask the right questions. questions like, what will it take to make sure that our middle class is growing again so
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we can grow our economy. and that's what i'm going to be doing. what the other candidates may or may not do is their choice. >> schieffer: governor, thank you so much. we'll be back in one minute with you so much. we'll be back in one minute with some personal thoughts. switchgrass in argentina, change engineering in dubai, aluminum production in south africa, and the aerospace industry in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. with investment information, risks, fees and expenses (voseeker of the you can separate runway ridiculousness... from fashion that flies off the shelves. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go.
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and only national is ranked highest in car rental customer satisfaction by j.d. power. (natalie) ooooh, i like your style. (vo) so do we, business pro. so do we. go national. go like a pro. >> schieffer: how many sundays have we started this broadcast the way we did today with some terrible story from overseas while back home there's an equally important story competing for attention. the overseas stories change but here is the worrisome part. the story here is always just more of the same old same old yet another variation how washington doesn't work. the "new york times" columnist remarked the other day that silicon valley is the place where ideas come to be launched. washington is the place they come to die.
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but it is worse than that. as we saw last week, washington is now given up on even trying to make the old ideas work. it is only february but the way i read it the president's retreat from entitlement reform coupled with the republican retreat on immigration reform all but makes it official. washington is done for the year. expect nothing else of consequence to happen here. as a rule, not much gets done anyway in an election year but washington is off to its earliest start ever. now, wait a minute, can you really get an early start on doing nothing? sure you can. and washington. back in a minute. all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two.
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